News More than 300 young people pilgrim to Urda

More than 300 young people pilgrim to Urda


On the occasion of the diocesan pilgrimage, one more year the youth and adolescents of the Diocese of Toledo have marched towards the Christ of La Mancha, which is located in the municipality of Urda. This year there have been more than 300 young people and teenagers who have decided to join this activity.

As every year, Madridejos is the starting point of the pilgrimage. Before starting the march, the teenagers had the opportunity to get fully into the pilgrimage through the explanation of the motto “Do what He tells you”, which deepened in the famous words of Mary in the episode of the Cana wedding. A fundamental moment in which the pilgrims became aware of the need for Mary to reach Jesus, and in this case, the Christ of Urda. After this reflection, they made their way to Consuegra, the neighboring town, which welcomed them warmly and helped them regain strength with a pleasant evening.

On Saturday, the most powerful day of the pilgrimage, the young people woke up wanting to reach the Christ. Following the spiritual itinerary of the pilgrimage they celebrated Mass and gave the theme of the day. The teenagers were aware of the chains of sin and the great benefit of the sacrament of forgiveness, of reconciliation with God. Later, they set off and arrived at the Sanctuary of Christ of Urda. Once they arrived, the rector of the sanctuary gave them a few words. In the afternoon, the young people had fun in a telematic game directed by the priests. The final point of the day was an activity that cannot be missed: a time of adoration in the sanctuary, a fundamental moment to put the youth of Toledo in their hands.

On Sunday morning, the pilgrims gathered everything they experienced during these days and had their last meeting as a group, in which they questioned the “now what?”, Promising that this great joy would not fall in a broken sack and encouraging others teenagers to participate in these activities.

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They also demonstrated the joy and union of young people in a flashmob, a dance that they did not expect and that was loaded with rhythm and encouragement.

The final touch of the pilgrimage took place on Sunday with the Mass presided by the Apostolic Administrator, Braulio Rodríguez, which marked the last act of the archbishop, apostolic administrator, with the youth of the archdiocese of Toledo. This moment was marked by farewells and Rodriguez encouraged young people to be salt on Earth and light in the world.

The Delegation of Youth Ministry took the opportunity to give a gift to Don Braulio for all these years: it was a miter with the logo of the delegation, so that he would always have them present, wherever he went. The pilgrimage culminated in the Sending Act, causing the farewell of teenagers and young people and preparing them to return to their homes. .


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