More than 50 policemen were injured in riots in Germany

More than 50 police officers were injured and more than 250 protesters arrested after the traditional May Day marches in Berlin turned violent, police said.

More than 20 different marches took place in the German capital yesterday, and the vast majority of them were peaceful. However, a left-wing march of 8,000 across the Neuk├Âlln and Kreuzberg neighborhood of the city, which has often seen clashes in past decades, has turned violent. Protesters threw bottles and rocks at officers, and burned garbage bins and wood panels in the streets.

“We do not have any final figures, but regarding more than 50 (police) colleagues who were injured and more than 250 detainees, it is clear that we were very far from the peaceful Labor Day,” said Stefan Kilm, deputy head of the Berlin Police Union.

Kilm condemned the throwing of bottles and stones and the burning of roadblocks in the streets, saying: “These are clear indications that this is not about political expression, but rather a violation of the right to assemble to commit serious crimes.”

Most of Germany is currently experiencing a night curfew due to the high number of Coronavirus cases. However, political protests and religious gatherings are exempt from curfews.

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