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2023-05-10 12:09:47

by Oliver
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Morgan Wallen is probably best known in the local area from the feature pages, because he doesn’t “waste thoughts about racism” or not drunk vocally ailing to play concerts. But in the USA he is an absolute megastar – the one with his third studio album One Thing at a Time even in terms of sales Metallica stands out

Feel whatever you want about the polarizing 30-year-old – what you can say about the man from Sneedville (but now even more clearly than with Dangerous: The Double Album from 2021) is that he belongs to a generation that believes in the principle Album against the annoying one Drake‘esque trend of flooding streaming portals with overly long clusterfuck song collections in order to generate attention: One Thing at a Time features 36 tracks over 112 minutes, but manages in comparison to American Heartbreak the balancing act between quantity and quality in any way.

If Wallen concentrates on the country with his croaking voice, this throws up quite a few successful numbers (such as the quite okay pieces Devil Don’t Know, 98 Braves, Tennessee Numbers, Thought You Should Know, Money on Me or Don’t Think Jesus), plus dozens of average equalities, which (whether misunderstanding the soft 80s as in the title track or as in the one wanting to spend the summer on the yacht Hope That’s True) would run pleasantly alongside in the background without arousing any kind of emotions, but only so dripping with clichés with one-dimensional perspectives would suffer from the sledgehammer-like, curved production weaknesses of the record: the oversaturation of mainstream pop-produced bro-country songs without edges full of smoothly ironed modular formulas and modern tastelessness in fashion for a particularly broad, barrier-free access, which without exception is about beers, bibles, egocentric patriotism, bar crashes and breakup banalities, is reached fairly quickly.

Especially when the same structures seem carelessly spat out, the constant uniformity puts even the most entertaining pieces in a tiring context, and the immanent taste of plastic does not create any sustainability, all goodwill for One Thing at a Time is quickly exhausted.
In addition, there are also the stylistic chimeras bordering on relaxed hip hop and trap a la Ain’t That Some, I Wrote the Book, Last Night, Sunrise, You Proof, Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby), Thinkin‘ Bout Me, Me to Me, 180 (Lifestyle) or Cowgirlswhich function quite coherently in the rest of the sound, but always sound so inspired and organic, as if an AI had appropriate keywords after a pleasing market analysisUnobtrusiveness constructed from subversively annoying penetrance and nice melodies and hooks that are bursting with substantive and stylistic platitudes… could draw a fairly adequate picture of the zeitgeist.

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