Murder charge in Upper Austria after a bloody act with snow poles

2023-05-10 12:56:22

A 19-year-old, who is said to have killed a peer with two snow poles in February, is charged with murder, the Linz public prosecutor confirmed a report by on Wednesday. According to a psychiatric report, the young man is of sound mind and suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder. The public prosecutor’s office has therefore applied for admission to a forensic therapy center in addition to a sentence.

The accused and the 19-year-old got into an argument on the way home from a visit to a casino in the Czech Republic. The then only 18-year-old had lost money in the casino – the sum is in the double-digit range. He wanted to go back and play or hit the jackpot, while his companion wanted to go home. He is said to have hit her in the car first. According to the results of the investigation, a real fight ensued, in which the student wanted to flee in her car, but got stuck in a snowdrift. The boy is said to have beaten her with two snow poles and kicked her. On Sunday morning, a driver found the student’s body on a forest path in the municipality of Bad Leonfelden (district of Urfahr-Surroundings).

The accused has confessed. His motive was that he was afraid the woman might report him because he had hit her. According to the public prosecutor’s office, he “wanted to bring it to an end,” he said to the psychiatric expert, who attested to a narcissistic personality disorder and saw the danger of further crimes. However, the man does not suffer from paranoid schizophrenia – as he had claimed during the interrogation.

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The 19-year-old is a young adult under criminal law. Therefore, if convicted, he faces ten to 20 years in prison, but there is no life sentence in this age group. He is accused of murder and attempted burglary – he is said to have tried to crack the cash register of a farm shop the day before the crime.

A trial date has not yet been set, a main hearing in the summer is obvious. In addition to the psychiatric experts and the coroner, an expert who specializes in bloodstains will support the court with his expertise.

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