Morocco-Spain Economic Forum: a new partnership focused on green energies

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Moroccan industry is changing to adapt to new international and especially European standards. The objective is to move towards a greener economy to meet new international requirements and in particular those of the European Union. In this sense, Morocco can count on a partner of choice.

From our correspondent in Rabat,

Spain is Morocco’s leading economic partner and the Cherifian Kingdom concentrates more than half of Spanish exports in Africa. Last week, the two countries organized a joint economic forum in Rabat, the first in eight years. For Adil Raïs, co-president of the Morocco-Spain Economic Council, this meeting came to close a quarrel of several years, now behind them.

« Everything ends well when you have the will to get there. So we arrived at this forum and the success is there because we had more than 470 participants. But it shows one thing clear: Spain is a very important country for Morocco and Morocco is a very important country for Spain ».

For more than ten years, Moroccan industry has been transforming and turning to greener energy. The Cherifian Kingdom is developing solar, hydraulic and even wind power capacities. Moroccan manufacturers are therefore actively preparing to best meet new requirements: within a year and a half, products imported into Europe will have to have a carbon-free label. Aziz Tazi, general vice-president of Moroccan employers (CGEM)

« We continue to produce more to achieve approximately 50% carbon-free energy by 2035. Today, we produce a good part of it, the order of magnitude is 20% and this energy can be redirected towards industrial capacities. This is part of the changes made that make us compliant with the requirements of our partners. »

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A ” collaboration which is already well advanced »

To achieve its objectives, Morocco can count on its Spanish ally, says Aziz Tazi: “ Our two countries, which are used to working together – there must be at least 800 Spanish companies established in Morocco – therefore in certain African marketssays Aziz Tazi. We can already work together. In this sense, we think that we already have a form of collaboration that is already well advanced, but that we can take to a higher level. “, adds the general vice-president of Moroccan employers.

Morocco is therefore for Spain a gateway to the African market. Marta Blanco, President of the Spanish Business Confederation (CEOE): “ This is a huge opportunity because Morocco is very present on the African continent. There are Moroccan companies working in several sub-Saharan countries. So we will be able to partner locally with these Moroccan companies in sub-Saharan Africa. »

The two Kingdoms therefore advocate a win-win partnership, with a collaboration of equals. They promise each other that they will no longer be competitors on international markets.

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