World Bank Announces $5 Billion Investment for Electricity Access in Africa

2023-12-09 22:33:43 Nearly 600 million people on the African continent do not yet have access to electricity, and to remedy this, the President of the World Bank, Ajay Banga, announced Wednesday, December 6 in Tanzania to allocate an envelope of five billion dollars. Objective: for 100 million more people to have access to electricity by … Read more

Renewing Agoa Agreements: Calls for Reform and Relaxing Eligibility Criteria in South Africa

2023-11-04 21:52:02 In South Africa, the Agoa forum on free trade agreements between the United States and sub-Saharan African countries ended on Saturday, November 4, 2023. The 35 eligible countries called for the rapid renewal of the Agoa agreements which end in 2025 and to reform eligibility criteria considered too strict. Published on: 04/11/2023 – … Read more

Congo-Brazzaville: food self-sufficiency, an equation always difficult to solve

2023-10-30 23:00:55 Congo still depends largely on food imports to feed its 5 million inhabitants. They are estimated at 700 billion CFA francs (1.060 billion euros) per year. Its ambition to achieve food self-sufficiency in the early 2000s has still not been achieved due, in particular, to a lack of lasting funding. From our correspondent … Read more

The private sector called to do more in Africa

2023-10-26 22:06:00 How to mobilize private capital towards Africa? Too few are, particularly in the fight against climate change. According to IMF calculations, with the objective of carbon neutrality in 2050, the effort made by the private sector in development economies must double. Concerning infrastructure, there is a shortage of 108 billion dollars each year … Read more

Growing African cultural industries

2023-10-11 22:00:39 Cinema, music, video games, comics, African cultural industries are booming. They are the subject of growing interest from investors. In Paris, at the beginning of October, the first Création Africa forum was held, bringing together artists, cultural actors and investors to participate in the development of ecosystems. If Africa still has little influence … Read more

Central African Republic: visit to the Bamingui Honey House

2023-10-10 22:11:05 In 2019, thanks to funding from Norway via a UNESCO project, the NGO WCS built a training and urban production center called “House of Honey” in the town of Bamingui, with the aim of increasing non-profit only production, but also to allow young people to develop socio-economically. From our correspondent in Bangui, The … Read more