“From now on, we will fight the enemies of the Transition” (Guy Nzouba Ndama) –

The president of Les Démocrates Guy Nzouba Ndama and his interim president Philippe Nzengue Mayila during the political start on February 17 in Libreville © Gabonactu.com The president of the Democrats (LD) party, Guy Nzouba Ndama, in his return to political speech delivered on Saturday February 17, 2024 at the headquarters of his party in … Read more

DR CONGO: Elections instructions for use

2023-12-19 22:51:45 Back to Home / Broadcasts / Africa Journal Published on : 19/12/2023 – 23:51Modified : 20/12/2023 – 00:17 19:52 FRANCE 24 © FRANCE 24 On the occasion of the general elections in the DRC, the Journal de l’Afrique relocates to Kinshasa. Nearly 44 million voters will elect their president, national and provincial deputies … Read more

Congo-Brazzaville: the “let’s keep our cities clean” operation makes people cringe

2023-12-14 23:05:02 The Congolese Ministry in charge of Decentralization is carrying out an operation in conjunction with the municipalities of large cities called “let’s keep our cities clean”. In Brazzaville, it involves clearing out makeshift markets and clearing the sidewalks. At the risk of plunging young informal sellers into poverty. From our correspondent in Brazzaville, … Read more

Senegal at the forefront of renewable energies but does not close the door to fossil fuels

2023-11-30 21:42:40 Published on : 30/11/2023 – 22:42 In Senegal, solar and wind power plant projects have multiplied in recent years. The country is ranked among the good students in Africa in the energy mix with 31% renewable energies. However, from the start of the first quarter of 2024, the country will exploit its first … Read more

Discover the Life and Work of Tchicaya U Tam’si, a Cursed Man

2023-11-26 19:00:04 It all starts with dazzling. That felt by the literary critic Boniface Mongo-Mboussa the day when, studying in Leningrad in 1987, he discovered a poem in the pages of Humanitythe only French-language newspaper available in the USSR at the time: “I’m not going to die from the desire to change the worldThe passionate … Read more

The European Union observation mission in DR Congo unveils its arrangements for the elections

2023-11-21 21:25:23 Published on : 21/11/2023 – 22:25 In DR Congo, the presidential election will be observed by several observation missions. That of the Catholic and Protestant churches, which is the largest, announces that it will be able to deploy 60,000 observers on election day. There is also the mission of the European Union. Swedish … Read more

Army Recruitment Stampede in Brazzaville: Tragic Night Claims Dozens of Lives

2023-11-21 20:07:52 At least 31 young people died on the night of Monday to Tuesday in a stampede during an army recruitment operation in the Congolese capital, Brazzaville, the country’s authorities announced Tuesday, November 21. Some 145 people were also injured, government spokesperson Thierry Moungalla told the press. A judicial investigation has been opened. And … Read more

Congo-Brazzaville: food self-sufficiency, an equation always difficult to solve

2023-10-30 23:00:55 Congo still depends largely on food imports to feed its 5 million inhabitants. They are estimated at 700 billion CFA francs (1.060 billion euros) per year. Its ambition to achieve food self-sufficiency in the early 2000s has still not been achieved due, in particular, to a lack of lasting funding. From our correspondent … Read more