Mouse Door Opener Day in Ulm: A Fascinating Look into Emergency Vehicles and Rescues

2023-10-03 16:01:50

At the Mouse Door Opener Day in Ulm, thousands flock to the disaster control center and look at the emergency vehicles. The children get their money’s worth.

750 registered children with their parents or grandparents and countless unregistered families: At the Mouse Door Opener Day in Ulm, several thousand people must have come to the disaster protection center in the Danube Valley by the evening of yesterday. There was an insight into a huge range of emergency vehicles from the DRK and ASB and the Bundeswehr as well as the Bundeswehr’s SAR 63 rescue helicopter in Baden-Württemberg.

Amazed children at Mouse Door Opener Day in Ulm

In contrast to all the blue light vehicles, the many curious people were not allowed to enter the helicopter: “Just look from the outside,” a pilot explained to the surrounding families. If the rescue helicopter is alerted to an operation, it must be ready to take off immediately. In such a case, if you had to get all the curious people out of the helicopter first, valuable time would be lost. It’s different with all the vehicles, starting with the DRK’s “Baby Muck” intensive care baby transporter, which enables intensive medical treatment of premature and newborn children during transport to a clinic or between clinics, to civil protection vehicles, emergency medical and rescue vehicles and so on the ASB’s wish car, which and its crew make the last wishes of seriously ill people a reality: Curiosity was satisfied here. At least partially.

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The show with the mouse makes it possible: A look into the rescue helicopter in Ulm.

Photo: Dagmar Hub

Children stood in amazement in front of a medical transport vehicle in which a young man had strapped the mouse onto the stretcher and was bandaging the blue elephant. “Look, Dad, the mouse is being taken care of,” cried a little girl enthusiastically – which prompted her father to ironically remark that hopefully the mouse wasn’t suffering from the hantavirus. The DRK’s intensive care transport bus was constantly full of visitors, and the Teddy Clinic of the Medical Faculty at the University of Ulm, which was housed in a tent, particularly attracted small children, as you can look at “X-ray images” of cuddly toys at the Teddy Clinic let them be cared for as if they were children. Display exercises interested both young and old visitors.

Mouse Door Opener Day has been providing a look behind the scenes since 2011

Since 2011, the Mouse Door Opener Day has enabled mouse fans and their parents to look behind the doors of various facilities across Germany, behind which interesting things are hidden. The doors of the large hall in the Ulm disaster control center, which normally house emergency vehicles from the DRK and ASB, also opened. On Mouse Door Opener Day, it flashed blue here, including from all the vehicles of the Karlsruhe voluntary motorcycle squad founded in 2007, whose helpers look after people who are stuck in traffic jams on motorways, for example, and can quickly secure the accident scenes.

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Almost every visiting child wanted to sit on one of the motorbikes or quad bikes – and of course dad and mom wanted to capture the scene in a photo. Will some of the curious children who really enjoyed the Mouse Door Opener Day and were able to collect a small prize for collecting stamps later get involved with one of the blue light organizations? The young mouse fans were told that this is something that shapes their lives. “We all live for it.”

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