Mouth vs. Defense and Justice, for the League Cup: result, summary, CONTROVERSY and more

After two months without playing in La Bombonera, Xeneize returned with a 0-0 against Florencio Varela’s Halcón, for the fourth round of the local championship.

After more than two months without stepping on the grass of La Bombonera, Boca returned with a goalless draw against Defensa y Justicia, for the fourth round of Zone B of the League Cup. Although Xeneize was closer, none could break the zero in a discreet match that featured a penalty for Halcón annulled by the VAR. Below, I relived the best of the meeting.

In a mediocre first half, with Boca a little closer to the goal, the lights were taken away by one of the last plays. Jorge Baliño saw a foul by Lucas Blondel on Alexis Soto inside the area and signaled a penalty. However, when Nicolás Fernández was ready to execute it, the VAR called the judge and went to review it. Once he checked her out, he decided to back out.

For the complement, Boca came out more determined to win the match and had the clearest chance. Miguel Merentiel had two cue chances that Cristopher Fiermarín covered very well. Another was a shot by Lucas Blondel that, after a confusing situation, hit the crossbar.

Defensa y Justicia did not have weight in attack, but it was the only one that could inflate the network. Be careful, I was offside. It was a goal by Nicolás Fernández, but he started in an advanced position and the linesman correctly raised the flag after the play ended.

The last one was for the locals: a free kick by Zenón from the left and Figal took it in front of him inside the six-yard box: he barely went outside.

It was a goalless draw between Boca and Defensa y Justicia, in what was the return of Xeneize to La Bombonera. In this way, Diego Martínez’s team was left with six points in four games, while Halcón has seven. The next day, Boca will host Central Córdoba on Wednesday at 7:15 p.m. For its part, Florencio Varela’s team will visit Tigre on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.


It was 0-0, on date 4 of the LPF Cup.

40′ 2T: Defense and Justice were saved!

Zenón’s free kick from the left and Figal took it ahead inside the six-yard box: it just went wide.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: Nicolás Figal’s chance

35′ 2T: Boca is closer to the winning goal

In an even match, Xeneize improved in the second half and is looking for victory, but inefficiency prevents it for now.

19′ 2T: High shot by Defensa and Justicia

He tested Uvita Fernández from the outside: far away.

13′ 2T: Another almost goal from Merentiel!

The Boca forward wanted to surprise, but Fiermarín saved it very well.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: another almost goal from Miguel Merentiel

10′ 2T: The crossbar saved Defensa y Justicia!

In a confusing play that left Fiermarín on the ground, Blondel took the rebound and kicked from the outside: crossbar!

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: Lucas Blondel’s shot against the crossbar

8′ 2T: Goal disallowed for Defensa y Justicia!

It was from Uvita Fernández, but he started in an advanced position.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: the goal disallowed for Nicolás Fernández

1′ 2T: Almost a cue goal from Merentiel!

The Boca forward wanted to make it luxurious, but the Defense and Justice goalkeeper saved it.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: Miguel Merentiel’s almost cue goal

The second half began in La Bombonera!

Boca and Defensa y Justicia tied 0-0.

The first half between Boca and Defensa y Justicia is over!

They are 0-0, for date 4 of the LPF Cup.

47′ 1T: Baliño retracted and it was not a penalty!

He reviewed it through the VAR and decided to back down. There is no penalty for Defense and Justice.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: the VAR annulled the penalty for the Halcón

43′ 1T: Penalty for Defense and Justice!

Baliño saw a foul by Blondel on Soto and signaled the maximum penalty.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: Blondel’s foul on Soto that Baliño pointed out as a criminal offense

42′ 1T: Benedetto had it!

He tried to throw it over the top at Fiermarín, but the Defense goalkeeper responded well.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: Darío Benedetto’s chance

41′ 1T: Good shot by Advíncula

The Peruvian kicked from the outside and the goalkeeper saved it.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: Luis Advíncula’s auction

27′ 1T: Almost a goal from Boca!

From the right, Zenón kicked the goal and Merentiel deflected it inside the area: it passed just past the goalkeeper’s left post.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: Miguel Merentiel’s chance

17′ 1T: Heavy foul by Pol Fernández on Uvita Fernández

A tough entrance for which all Defense and Justice demanded red. Baliño didn’t even show him the yellow card.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: the strong foul of Pol Fernández on Uvita Fernández

14′ 1T: First arrival of Boca

After a couple of crosses from the left that Defense cleared, Blondel finished from outside: it passed one meter from the goalkeeper’s right post.

Mouth vs. Defense and Justice: Lucas Blondel’s auction

10′ 1T: Boca and Defense and Justice do not make differences

An even match without emotions in the first ten minutes.

The match between Boca and Defensa y Justicia has started!

I follow him live, minute by minute.

Mouth and Defense warm up in the Bombonera!

The Xeneize and Halcón players carry out the pre-competitive movements on the field of play.

The confirmed formation of Boca vs. Defense and Justice, for the League Cup

Sergio Romero; Lucas Blondel, Cristian Lema, Nicolás Figal, Lautaro Blanco; Luis Advíncula, Guillermo Pol Fernández, Mauricio Benítez, Kevin Zenón; Miguel Merentiel and Darío Benedetto.

The confirmed eleven of Defense and Justice vs. Boca, for the League Cup

Christopher Fiermarine; Nicholas Tripichio, Emmanuel Aguilera, James Ramos Mingo, Alexis Soto; Ezekiel Cannavo, Julian Lopez; Luciano Herrera, Gabriel Alanis, Gaston Togni; and Nicholas Fernandez.

Defense is already in the Bombonera!

From 7:15 p.m., Halcón will face Boca, for the fourth round of the League Cup in Zone B.

Be careful, Boca: why Togni is the player to stop from Defense and Justice

The 26-year-old former Independiente midfielder was the most outstanding player on Julio Vaccari’s team so far in the championship: he participated in 4 of the last 6 goals for Florencio Varela’s team (he scored three and gave an assist).

Gastón Togni had scored a goal and assisted Uvita Fernández in the 3-0 win over Platense last night. And, on Tuesday night, he shone in Defensa y Justicia’s incredible comeback against Sarmiento: a double for the 3-2 victory in Junín (the second, a great goal from outside the area).

Sarmiento vs. Defense and Justice: Gastón Togni’s goal (2-3)

This is how Defense comes to visit Boca

On the other hand, Julio Vaccari’s team beat Sarmiento 3-2 in Junín in a frenetic match. Gastón Togni, twice, and Aaron Molinas scored the goals of the duel. Precisely, the hook with a past in Tigre will face the team that owns 50 percent of its chip. It must be remembered that the arrival of the former Rosario Central from Elche could have been possible due to the transfer of half of the midfielder’s record to Defensa y Justicia. El Halcón accumulates two victories and one defeat and wants to reach the top of Zone B, shared by Godoy Cruz and Newell’s.

How Boca arrives to receive Defense and Justice

Xeneize has just achieved the first official victory of the Diego Martínez cycle. With goals from Darío Benedetto and Miguel Merentiel, they beat Tigre 2-0 at the José Dellagiovana and were on the verge of qualifying for the quarterfinals. The good news is that no player ended up injured after the match and, despite the departure of Sergio Romero from the last training session with a minor discomfort that set off the alarm, the coach will repeat the team.

In another sense, the club decided to withdraw from the transfer market, which ended on Friday at 8 p.m., with the three reinforcements it brought: Lautaro Blanco, Kevin Zenón and Cristian Lema. The negotiation for Carlos Palacios, for which they offered 4 million dollars, did not come to fruition and the player confirmed that he will continue in Colo Colo. On the other hand, Álvaro Barreal, a FC Cincinnati footballer, only remained an offer and there were no formal conversations.

The data of Boca vs. Defense and Justice, for the League Cup

  • Time: 19.15.
  • TV: ESPN Premium.
  • Referee: Jorge Baliño.
  • Stadium: La Bombonera (Republic of La Boca).

The history between Boca and Defense and Justice

  • They played 14 games, all professionally.
  • Boca won 9.
  • Defense and Justice took 2.
  • They tied 3 times.

Latest history: Defensa y Justicia 1 – Boca 0 // League Cup 2023.

The renovations that Boca fans will see in the Bombonera

La Bombonera will look renewed in the preferential stalls, where there was a change of colors more in line with the rest of the stadium, since it went from blue and white to blue and yellow. On the other hand, as President Juan Román Riquelme had anticipated, the presidential box was dismantled and will now be for 10 life members per match (El Diez will continue to watch the games from his box).

And finally, there were two new changes that the Boca fans who will cheer on Saturday will notice, one of them that will change the experience for the better when going to the field: the beach for admission to the stalls was improved and a new entrance was made for the buses on the main beach.

The new renovations at La Bombonera

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