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The U.S. police once again broke out the controversy of excessive law enforcement. When dealing with a car accident on the 3rd, the Los Angeles police in California repeatedly used stun guns to subdue the struggling African-American perpetrator Keenan Anderson (Keenan Anderson) who was trying to escape. More than 4 hours later, the The subdued African-American teacher died in hospital of cardiac arrest. The incident sparked anger in the African-American community. The video released by the police showed that Anderson was incoherent when he was arrested. He kept begging the police to save him, saying that the police wanted to “Floyd” him.

Police in Los Angeles, California, restrained Keenan Anderson, a 31-year-old African-American man, and shocked him with a stun gun multiple times.

CNN and Fox News reported that Los Angeles, California, police officers went to Venice on the 3rd to deal with a car accident. When the police arrived at the scene, they found Anderson, a 31-year-old African-American man, behaving strangely. , running in the middle of the road, after passers-by accused him of being the perpetrator of the car accident, the police immediately asked Anderson to sit down on the side of the road and cooperate with the investigation.

Anderson was very cooperative at first, telling the police the cause of the accident, but after a while he was incoherent, saying that someone wanted to kill him and put something in his car. After a few minutes of police interrogation, he began to escape and ran to the middle of the road, forcing the police to use force Subdue him.

According to the different angles and edited secret recorder videos released by the Los Angeles police, about 4 to 5 police officers, including African-American police officers, jointly pressed Anderson to the ground with their hands and body strength, but Anderson kept twisting, He yelled “Help” and “They’re going to kill me” many times, and he even said at one point, “They want Floyd me,” implying that he would become the second African-American man, Floyd, to be crushed to death by a white policeman. Ed (George Floyd).

The Los Angeles Police Department in California released the secret recorder footage of the police suppressing Keenan Anderson.

During Anderson’s struggle, a policeman kept warning him to stop, otherwise he would use a stun gun. The policeman also shocked Anderson several times later, and Anderson gradually calmed down, and even continued to shock him even when he didn’t seem to resist. .

Later, Los Angeles firefighters arrived at the scene, put Anderson, who seemed exhausted, into a wheelchair, and sent him to the hospital. However, the police issued a statement on the 6th stating that Anderson suffered cardiac arrest after being sent to the hospital and was pronounced dead. The Los Angeles police later pointed out that Anderson died 4.5 hours after the police used force to subdue him. The police statement stated that the preliminary blood test report showed that Anderson tested positive for cocaine and marijuana. However, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office will Toxicology testing was carried out independently.

This incident ignited the anger of the African-American community, who believed that the police had once again overlawed the law. It is worth noting that Anderson is the cousin of Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of the “Black Lives Matter” (Black Lives Matter) movement in the United States. Ross posted on social media Instagram, accusing his cousin of being “killed by the Los Angeles police,” pointing out that Anderson should be alive and his children should be raised by their fathers.

Anderson himself is an English teacher at a high school in Washington DC. The school said Anderson visited family in Los Angeles during the winter break.

In response to the controversy, Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore said last week that he was investigating the incident.

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Article Source:BLM founder’s cousin dies after Los Angeles police arrest
Article Source:Keenan Anderson, cousin of Black Lives Matter co-founder, dies from cardiac arrest after being tased by Los Angeles police

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