MP prosecutors inspect “bunker” in the Presidency of Congress – 2024-03-08 18:23:45

The prosecutors of the Public ministryas well as the staff of the Ministry of Culture and Sportsare carrying out an inspection this Friday, March 8, in the area identified as the alleged bunker within the Presidency of Congress.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that the measure occurs as a result of an investigation that the MP began ex officio, in relation to a complaint on social networks.

The team of prosecutors has been deployed inside the legislative building to carry out a review of the place, seeking to clarify what is inside the premises.

In addition to the MP team, it was also reported that personnel from the Ministry of Culture and Sports has arrived at the Presidency of Congress to participate in the inspection of the bunker.

The inspection takes place after a discussion began between several deputies, including Samuel Pérez who alleged that it is an alleged “bunker” used to store “resources” without registration.

While Shirley Rivera and Allan Rodríguez, former presidents of Congress and who occupied the office in previous administrations, They firmly maintain that it is a place dedicated to religious worship.

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The current president of Congress, Nery Ramos, explained on March 5 that Pérez, who previously held his position, was the one who reported the discovery.

However, Ramos was skeptical of what circulated on social networks about the possible use of the “bunker.” “They talk about a cache of money. Naturally, anyone who could have had a cache is not going to leave it in an office like this power of the State,” he assured.

During a tour, a video was recorded showing the main office and a hatch that leads to the interior of the “bunker.” Upon entering, you can see a plaque on one of the sides which describes that the constitution of the space was under the command of Allan Rodríguez.

Inside the main office there is an additional room for the “bunker”, which is made up of solid wooden walls. Inside, there are several drawers distributed throughout the space.

“After the burning of Congress, a space that was used as a warehouse was repurposed into a private space that was used as a space for prayer and reflection”Rodríguez said on March 5 in statements to the media.

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It’s about people “interested in exaggerating and taking things out of context”he said about the controversy.

“You have seen the little prayer room; I used it for devotionals. Exactly, it exists,” Rivera declared.

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