MP Tae is afraid to file another lawsuit against melon pointing out that the court may reject the wrong person Repeatedly asking to stay far away.

MP Tae is afraid to file another lawsuit against melon pointing out that the court may reject the wrong person, reiterates that the NEPC mother stays far away, is concerned, points out that the NEPC is a genius, looks at the intent

On June 16 at the National Assembly Mr. Mongkolkit Suksintharanon List of MPs Leader of the Thai Sriwilai Party (DDS) Announcement in the case of documents for dismissal of Mr. Atchariya Ruangrattanapong and Mr. Krisana Sriboonpimsuay Leaving the legal advisor, the party leader, DSO said that he did not want to have any conflicts in the case. because Mr. Genius has set conditions If they exist, they will not give evidence to Mrs. Panida. Sirayuthyothin in order not to obstruct the justice process for Ms. Pattannida Patcharaveerapong (Watermelon), who, if so, is ready to retreat so that the judicial process can move. Currently, Mae Nam Melon has appointed Mr. Ruang Supasri, a former judge of the Thonburi Criminal Court, as a lawyer. Expect no problem.

Mr. Mongkolkit said The worrying thing is the repeated lawsuits. In the event that Mr. Genius filed a lawsuit against the court in violation of the previous agreement that before doing anything Must allow the plaintiff to read every detail of the letter. And if the prosecution by making allegations that are higher than the available evidence is insufficient, the court will decide to reject the case. where the prosecutor has no right to sue causing the right to sue to end and unable to punish anyone

When asked whether such behavior would benefit the people on the ship or not. Mr. Mongkolkit said that he did not know, but what was his intention? When asked about his relationship with the genius who seemed to be incompatible. Mr. Mongkolkit said that look at the intention. If the intention is good, then we can talk. But if you have special intentions, you can do whatever you want. As for the relationship with Mrs. Panida Confirm that you won’t leave, will stay far away

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