MSI announces a pen that writes on screens and paper together

MSI announced the second generation of its electronic stylus, the MSI Pen, which, in addition to screens, works on paper because it comes with nibs that allow it to be used as a real pencil.

The company said that (MSI Pen 2) is currently available in gray for (Creator Z17 HX Studio A13V) and (CreatorPro Z17 HX Studio A13V), and will launch a black version later.

(MSI) added that the pen, which weighs only 14.52 grams, supports tactile feedback (Microsoft MPP2.6), which is characterized by a small motor built into the body of the pen that provides slight resistance when the pen is in contact with the screen, giving the user a realistic writing experience.

The MSI Pen 2 seamlessly transitions from being a stylus to a pencil. The exclusive graphite tips can write on paper and erase just like a regular pencil, and the tips can be used on touch screens without scratching the screen. The pen comes with two types of replaceable nibs: a graphite nib, and a sharper nib that looks like a ballpoint pen.

According to the company (MSI), the pen battery increases productivity and efficiency everywhere, so that charging it for 5 minutes is enough to use the pen up to 10 hours, and when the battery is 100 percent charged, the pen works for 32 hours.

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“From fine line drawings to thick shading and broad strokes, the advanced sensors in (MSI Pen 2) accurately capture position, pressure, and tilt by calculating it all in real time for pinpoint accuracy,” the company said. This, the pen provides 4,096 levels of pressure.

The company added that the (MSI Pen Control) application enables adjusting the way users want to use (MSI Pen 2), and it gives users complete control to set application shortcuts for the single-click and double-click features of the button at the back of the pen.

The pen supports pairing with mobile devices via Bluetooth technology, and shows the battery indicator and low battery notification in the Windows operating system. The battery level can also be easily and conveniently monitored with a glance on the pen’s battery LED indicator.

And when the (MSI Pen 2) is not in use, users can attach it magnetically to the side of any (MSI) laptop that supports it for easy access, portability and safe keeping.

It is noteworthy that the distinguished electronic pen from (MSI) comes with the two computers mentioned above, of which (Creator Z17 HX Studio A13V) will be sold at a starting price of $ 2,999, and there is no information about when it will be put on the market.

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