“MSI Mid-Season Invitational: T1 vs JDG Analysis and Recap”

2023-05-19 07:35:49

“League of Legends” MSI mid-season match yesterday (5/18) staged the battle between T1 and JD Gaming (JDG). , In the end, with the support of many audiences, JDG advanced to the finals 3:2, while T1 fell into the defeat.

back and forth

In the first round, knight was in excellent condition, killing the enemy many times in seconds. JDG won the Dragon Soul without losing a dragon, and easily won the first victory; the second and third rounds were a little behind in T1 in the early stage, but they played a blitzkrieg in the mid-term , both rounds won the team battle at around 23 points, pushing down the JDG main castle in one wave.

T1, who took the lead in drawing cards, tried new tricks in the BP of the fourth round, allowing JDG to get Wukong and Annie, who are good at it. T1 chose Oner, who performed poorly in the first round, and Malphite, who had been defeated by MSI so far. JDG won without any effort, the score of the two sides came to 2:2, and the battle song was played, and Moffitt advanced the record to an unbearable eight games and zero wins.

230519_msi_ (1)

missed opportunity

The two sides came to the fifth round of life and death. T1 selected the lineup of Ue Nakano and San AP, and then knight five selected Cyrus, who was very Kante in this formation. As a result, T1 played very passively in the early and mid-term, but T1 still relied on its extraordinary team battles Dealing with it, once took Baron and advanced to the JDG barracks, but was forced to stop because of Oner’s mistake and was caught, missing the biggest chance of winning.

Then the dragon was reborn, JDG had already eaten three dragons, T1 had to compete with them, Oner risked his life to enter the arena to steal the dragons, but he was also killed, the next moment T1 played an operation that shocked the audience around the world, unexpectedly with one less person JDG collided head-on, and as a result, two people were killed in T1, and Barong was also lost. The most important thing was that Gumayusi’s flash was forced to be handed over.

230519_msi_ (5)
In the fifth game, T1 chose 4v5 to initiate the battle

In the last wave of team battles, the five members of JDG gathered in the middle to push forward, and Zeus teleported to the rear to prepare for a pincer attack. At this time, Faker Nadirus took the lead in making a hook, but he did not throw his ult to Ruler, which caused Zeus who was behind the circle to fail. Be able to get close to Ruler at the first time;

Then Ruler pulled Zeus and Oner to a safe output position by flashing and purifying. In front of the main castle, Gumayusi tried to fight five but failed, and JDG successfully accepted the game.

230519_msi_ (2)


After the game, the reporter asked, “Why did the opponent choose Annie and Wukong in T1 in the fourth round?” Oner said, “We wanted to try other tricks, but there was indeed a problem with the BP in the fourth round.” In the opinion of playing five, Oner said “Even if it is four playing five, I still have to try it”, thinking that it is better to give it a try than to do nothing.

Gumayusi performed well in this series, but in the end he was unable to recover. After the game, he tweeted a short sentence “a test for the protagonist”, which shows that he is very disappointed.

Tonight’s schedule will be GEN against BLG. Tonight’s winner will compete with the defeated T1 for the last qualification to enter the finals on 5/20. The MSI competition is already heating up, and the final three days of the schedule will be decided Champion, so which team do you think can successfully win the cup?

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