Muhammad Ghazi Sadaqa Appeals to Minister of Information for Commentator Promotion in Roshan League

2023-09-17 20:37:33

Al-Marsad newspaper: The famous sports commentator, Muhammad Ghazi Sadaqa, appealed, in a video clip that he documented for himself, to the Minister of Information, Salman Al-Dosari, about not granting him his right to be promoted and comment on matches in the Roshan League, and bringing in non-Saudi commentators.

Ghazi said: “He sees commentators other than him getting promoted while he remains as he is, and that he does not find justice, even though he addressed those responsible in the channels to solve his problem and lift the injustice against him.”

He pointed out: “All of his former colleagues were chosen to join the new operator of the channels that broadcast league matches, while he was the only one who was excluded from that.”

He continued: “They chose a non-Saudi commentator to comment on the league while they put it on the shelf.”

On the other hand, Ghazi confirmed to the Observatory: “He is now suspended in the Yellow League, and all his colleagues were recruited into the Yellow League and he was ignored. He called on the Minister of Information to do justice to him and discuss his problem.”

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