Muhammad Ramadan covers the dollar crisis by donating to save a heart patient

2023-05-23 21:26:06

After the crisis of dollars that appeared next to the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, in his pictures from inside a private plane, the Egyptian artist resorted to improving his image by donating 300,000 pounds to save the life of a patient suffering from a heart attack.

The beginning when Dr. Gamal Shaaban, former dean of the Heart Institute in Egypt, revealed the details of his meeting with the artist, Mohamed Ramadan; To donate to treat a number of patients.

Shaaban said, on his Facebook account, today, Monday, that Ramadan promised him to contribute to the treatment of many cases, especially serious cases that suffer from heart electrical imbalances and are at risk of heart attack.

He added, “We started communicating with the first case from Minya and arranging for the installation of the first device that would cover its full costs, which amounted to 300,000 Egyptian pounds.”

The story began when cardiologist Jamal Shaaban published on his personal page on Facebook a post that included a picture of the actor Muhammad Ramadan while he was sitting on his private plane and next to him were large amounts of money and dollars as described by the doctor in the post and commented on it (I wish with these dollars, which is clear that you do not need them You buy electrical regulators for the many poor people who are in intensive care and have the possibility of stroke and sudden cardiac arrest, and they need a device to save their lives, perhaps this will intercede for you on the day of crowds).

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