Munich is at a disadvantage: NFL 2023 probably twice in Frankfurt

München – Last year, thousands of football fans stormed to Munich when the NFL game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks was played at the Allianz Arena in mid-November.

No NFL game in Munich this year

The NFL will come to Germany again in 2023, after “Bild“Information even twice. Munich will therefore not be a venue this year. Instead, both games should take place in Frankfurt am Main.

Munich will host an NFL game later this year.

Munich’s American football team is called the Munich Ravens


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The plan: The Kansas City Chiefs should play against the Chicago Bears, the New England Patriots against the New Orleans Saints. According to the report, the dates have already been set: November 12th and 19th. The NFL Germany did not want to comment yet. The details will not be officially announced until May.

Earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria: Here’s how you can help

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has already claimed over 40,000 lives, countless people have been injured and lost all their belongings. If you would like to donate, you can do so, among other things at the special donation account of the city of Munich:

Transfers to the Stadtsparkasse Munich | IBAN DE86 7015 0000 0000 2030 00 | Purpose “Earthquake Aid”

Report: Munich was in discussion

According to “Bild”, Munich is said to have been in talks for one of the two games. In the end, however, they opted for the logistically simpler solution. And: In Frankfurt you see greater potential because of the football history.

After all, it is already certain that Munich will be the host again in 2024. However, it is still unclear against whom the home team Carolina Panthers will then compete.

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