“Murder and concealment of a corpse: Latest Updates on the North France Case”

2023-05-10 10:14:31

The mother of one and her companion are among the five people indicted in this case and have been imprisoned, the Béthune prosecution announced in a press release on Wednesday.

At the end of their police custody, both were indicted on counts of “murder and concealment of a corpse” and placed in pre-trial detention, said the prosecution.

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On April 3, “a container containing the lifeless body of a newborn male” was found in a field, he recalled.

The investigations made it possible to identify the mother of the child, who was placed in police custody on May 3, as well as her companion and three other members of the family circle.

According to the prosecution, the three other defendants were indicted on counts of “concealment of a corpse” and “non-denunciation of a crime”. One was placed in pre-trial detention and the other two under judicial control.

The autopsy revealed that the child was ‘born viable and presented with head trauma suggestive of multiple impacts’.

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