Mustafa Fahmy detonates a resounding missile in front of the mall for the first time… I divorced Faten Moussa because of what she was doing and it didn’t impress me!! (explicit details)

Egyptian star Mostafa Fahmy finally revealed, after a long silence, the details of his crisis with his ex-Lebanese media ex-wife, Faten Moussa, after she allegedly stole her clothes and jewelry and divorced her without her knowledge.

Mostafa Faha revealed in television statements with Amr Adib that over the course of the 4-year marriage, many problems occurred between them.

Mustafa Fahmy said that he had wanted to separate from Faten a year ago, but he failed to complete the matter because of her desire not to separate.

He added: I spoke to her father and her brother, and each of them said, “I do not have an invitation and they act with each other, and the problem is that she is the one who will not leave me, of course, so the issue has changed and the differences between us continued.”

He continued, “I see that divorce is a healthy need, with indications that you must take off and end this relationship, and from the first two years there were problems and increased in the end.”

He also said that the requirements of his ex-wife, Faten Moussa, were beyond his means. Where he told her that one day, but she did not stop those ambitions. And he said: She wanted an apartment for 5 million dollars, and the Prophet answered her from where.

He pointed out that the differences in the first two years between them were relatively simple, as he said: There was a dispute over ordinary needs, such as what she wore, and it was always in dispute over it in the first place.

He added that he was trying as much as possible to avoid separation, but he felt that life became impossible between them.

And he blew another surprise about his ex-wife, where he said: A bank called me, I won’t say his name after two years of marriage, and he told me your wife had money that you didn’t pay, and I was surprised by this topic, and he said, “You pay, we will show you in the media.”

He said that his wife did not tell him about this before the marriage; Where he said: I did not know, and I asked her and she told me, what does it mean that many people take a loan from Dubai and travel without being repaid?

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