My son-in-law is numb! Stepfather shot pregnant wife, died after 2 bodies, been dating for 11 years, never quarrel

Son-in-law is still dizzy! Stepfather shoots wife pregnant Shot himself to death at 2 bodies, revealed that he had been in a relationship for 11 years, never quarreled. Get off the stomach for fear of adults looking bad.

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From the case of Mr. Petch, 55 years old, villagers in Moo 5, Tum Yai Subdistrict, Khu Mueang District, Buriram Province, used a .38 caliber firearm to shoot a 32-year-old Ms. Atjima, his stepdaughter. who was 6 months pregnant, died and then shot himself to death in the bedroom After only 7 days of marriage, the incident occurred at 10:00 am on May 26, with speculations that the cause The stepfather was stressed and dissatisfied with the stepson. pregnant before marriage and dissatisfied with his son-in-law acting as if he didn’t love his own wife

The latest progress on May 27, 2022, reporters reported that Officials brought the two bodies to the home for funeral arrangements. The atmosphere was mournful, especially Ms. A (name fictitious), sister of Ms. Ajjima and also a stepdaughter of Mr. Petch. Weeping ho, hugged the two corpses.

Asked Mr. Wut, 32 years old, the husband of the deceased revealed that he and his wife had never quarreled. But there will be times when pregnant people tend to be irritable. It’s normal to cry sometimes if you’re not satisfied. On the day of the incident, he said that he would go back to get his house registration to make an ID card in the city. His wife looked like he didn’t want to go. cry a little because he was afraid for a long time

Mr. Wut added that he confirmed that he had never had a problem with his father-in-law. Come to know again, someone called to say that my girlfriend is dead.
He and his girlfriend have been dating since the age of 21 until they come together. As for the pregnancy, the adults were not told. Because he was afraid that it was a bad picture, he closed it. He admitted that he did not know that his father-in-law was not satisfied with the pregnancy and did not tell. Until now, the real reason for this father-in-law is not known.

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