My uncle killed my mother; Bigg Boss house in tears

Thiruvananthapuram: The ‘Enre Katha’ segment is an opportunity for the contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 to share their life experiences with the audience. Through this segment, Bigg Boss intends to conquer the minds of the audience along with telling his story in front of the other members of the house. Junais VP was the first to tell the story. Junais, a YouTuber, opened up about the tragedy that happened to her when she was just six months old.

Junais tells her life that I get emotional when I say this. My mother died when I was six months old. My mother was killed by my father. My mother was a victim of domestic violence. His mother was killed when he was very young. Umm was valid. Uppa was in Gulf. We had five children. I was the youngest. Everyone thought that my father and mother got along well. But it was not so. I finally lost my mother.

It was when I was studying in the 7th standard that I came to know that my mother was gone. I was brought up by my mother’s brother. They brought me up without any discrimination. I called her mother. Later, when my brother was financially well off, I was with him till graduation. Later went to Bengaluru and joined a MNS. It grew from there and reached this stage today.

I still think that if my mother had been financially independent, she would never have had to be killed. He used to come out of a dysfunctional marriage and look after us. I want to tell parents that if your children are in such relationships, don’t stop them from getting out of it. Divorce is not the end of anything, it is a new beginning. Don’t force them into such relationships by emotional blackmail.

I thought I should say this without crying and without being emotional. But sadly I’m going emotional in this situation. That’s what the face says. But this message should be given to everyone. This incident is not told to support me – when Junais ended her life saying this. There was no face in the Bigg Boss house that was not emotional and not crying.

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