Nabila Obaid talks about her disagreement with Nadia El-Gendy, and this is what she revealed

The Egyptian actress, Nabila Ebeid, spoke about the nature of her relationship with her colleague, the Egyptian actress, Nadia El-Gendy, as she pointed out that she reconciled with her after years of disagreements.

During her speech on the sidelines of the activities of the seventh session of the Aswan Women’s Film Festival, Ebeid said: “The relationship between me and Nadia El-Gendy has become a great reconciliation. It is not just a kiss between us on the stage in front of the audience at the Arab Drama Festival, and the differences are over, and we communicate with each other permanently.” .

From here, Nabila Obaid considered that the dispute between her and the soldier was caused by people who had fueled discord between them during the past years, but she stressed that these differences have ended.

Disagreements occurred between the two Egyptian artists, due to the struggle over the title of “Star of the Masses”, as each of them confirmed that she was the holder of the title.

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