Nabilla is skiing and it ends in a bowl

Nabilla, who is rumored to be expecting a second baby in May 2022, is on holiday in Switzerland. It is in the upscale resort of St. Moritz that the 29-year-old businesswoman, who has her documentary series on Prime Video, her husband Thomas Vergara, 35, and their baby boy, Milann, 2 years and 3 months , enjoy the clean air.

“First time on skis for Milann”, rejoiced the Franco-Swiss on Instagram. In her story, Nabilla revealed that she also took advantage of sliding, with her skis, but also with her posterior, on white gold. “I believed it this time,” she nevertheless wrote with humor on the video of her fall.

Thanks to the other videos of his story, we discover that Thomas ate a fondue, that he commits the sacrilege of presenting as “Savoyard”, or even that the small family had a snack in a small lounge area specially fitted out for them in snow, in the middle of nature.

(The essential / jde)


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