Nasser Bank loan terms.. “You have no interest and no guarantees”

continue Nasser Social Bank His distinguished banking services for his existing and new clients, in order to attract numbers and new clients, to set conditions Nasser Bank loan The current period, under the implementation of the instructions Egyptian Central Bankto facilitate the citizens.

Nasser Bank loan

In order to get Nasser Bank loanwithout interest, it must be from the categories specified by the bank, which is to be one of the salary earners, andpensionersheirs of pensions.

Nasser Social Bank loans without interest

– Maximum Nasser Bank loan Social 10 thousand pounds

They loaned Nasser Bank without interest.

There are no administrative expenses.

Monthly loan repayment over 3 years.

The loan can only be broken or forfeited in the event of the death of the borrower.

Nasser Bank loan cases with salary guarantee

Marriage of the borrower or the marriage of one of his dependents.

The illness of the borrower or his first degree dependent.

Providing educational assistance to children.

Steps to register for a Nasser Bank loan

Submit the application to the bank branch if the applicant is a new customer.

Paying 1% for each year of the loan.

Request for a free Nasser Bank loan.

Relative stamp of 2% of the financing value.

Receiving a form allowing him to obtain the service from the branch and completing it from the authority concerned with settling the pension.

Terms of borrowing with salary guarantee

The borrower’s service period shall not be less than 3 years

The borrower is not liable for obligations or installments.

The loan installment does not exceed a quarter of the salary unless his salary is transferred to the bank.

Documents required to obtain a Nasser Bank loan

A statement of the insurance number.

A copy of the national ID card.

A statement of the salary vocabulary of the borrower and the guarantor.

Submit a recent approved medical certificate.

Submitting documents indicating the status of the loan applicant.

Submit the original marriage contract document if the loan is for the purpose of marriage.

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