National Center of Meteorology Weather Updates: Stay Informed About Unstable Weather Conditions

2024-04-16 21:54:35

The National Center of Meteorology announced that the country will continue to be affected, during the current period, by unstable weather, as a result of the extension of a deepening surface depression, accompanied by the extension of an air depression in the upper layers of the atmosphere, pointing out that the cumulonimbus clouds formed over the coastal areas moved yesterday afternoon towards the eastern and northern regions. It is accompanied by rainfall of varying intensity, lightning and thunder, and hail in some areas.

The center stated that another wave of rain began yesterday afternoon in the western regions, and extended to various regions of the country, during which the amounts of cumulus clouds increased, and witnessed the fall of rain of varying intensity along with lightning and thunder, indicating that the new wave witnessed the formation of some cumulus clouds on the coastal areas accompanied by rainfall, It is concentrated in the eastern and northern regions, and the cumulus clouds will gradually decrease from Wednesday afternoon.

The center called for caution while driving vehicles in the event of rain, and to stay away from areas of flowing valleys and water accumulations, pointing out that it is monitoring the situation around the clock.

The center expected the weather today to be partly cloudy in general, and cloudy at times, with a chance of rain falling in the northern and eastern regions, while the winds will be northwesterly to southwesterly, light to moderate, sometimes active, stirring up dust and dust, and their speed will range from 10 to 25 km/h. It reaches 40 km/h in the sea, which is turbulent to moderate. Waves become light at night in the Arabian Gulf, and turbulent to moderate in the Sea of ​​Oman.

The center indicated that the weather tomorrow will be generally fair, and partly cloudy at times, especially in the north, with a rise in temperatures, and it will become humid at night until Friday morning, indicating that there is a chance for fog or light fog to form over some coastal and inland areas, while the winds will be southerly. Light to moderate westerly to northwesterly winds, sometimes active. He pointed out that the weather next Friday will remain generally fair, and partly cloudy at times, becoming humid at night until Saturday morning, with a chance of mist or light mist forming over some coastal and inland areas, while the winds will be southwesterly turning to northeasterly, light to moderate speed.

The Center explained that the weather next Saturday will be generally fair, and partly cloudy at times, becoming humid at night until Sunday morning, with the possibility of light fog forming over some coastal areas, while the winds will be northeasterly to southeasterly, light to moderate, with speeds ranging from 10 to 20 km/h, reaching 30 km/h on the sea, which has light waves in the Arabian Gulf and in the Sea of ​​Oman.

The center calls for staying away from areas where valleys flow and water pools.

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