National News Agency – 11 dead and more than 50 missing in a landslide in India

NNA – At least 11 people were killed in a landslide that buried a railway construction site in northeastern India, while rescue teams are trying to find more than 50 missing persons, Agence France-Presse reported, according to local media.

An employee of the Manipur state administration, where the disaster occurred, reported that 25 people were treated.
Most of the victims were reservists in the ground forces who were working on the railway project.

“Loss of lives including our armed forces personnel is very sad,” Manipur chief Birn Singh wrote on Twitter, noting that more than 50 people were still missing.

The isolated northeastern region of India has seen torrential rains in recent weeks, causing landslides and floods.

At least 10 people died at the beginning of the year due to floods and landslides after unusually heavy rains in several parts of India.

Experts believe that climate change is increasing the frequency of extreme weather events in the world, including in India. Dams, deforestation and development projects in this country contribute to disasters that are becoming more and more dangerous in terms of human losses.

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