National News Agency – The weather tomorrow will be partly cloudy to partly cloudy with no change in temperature

NNA – The Meteorological Department expected the weather tomorrow, Thursday, to be cloudy to partly cloudy without an adjustment in temperatures, and temperatures will remain high indoors, as it touches 40 degrees.

It was stated in the following bulletin:
General condition:
Lebanon is under the influence of hot air masses, especially in the interior regions, where it touches 40 degrees and the weather becomes desert-like with noticeable temperature differences between night and day, and the effect is limited on the coast.

The average temperature for the month of August on the coast ranges between 25 and 33 degrees.

Warning of the danger of fires in forested and inland areas.

Expected weather in Lebanon:
Wednesday: A few clouds gradually turn in the afternoon to cloudy with high humidity that leads to a feeling of more heat and a slight rise in temperatures inside, where it touches 40 degrees, but in the northern regions, it touches 36 degrees and exceeds its seasonal rates, and temperatures remain unchanged on the coast and Slightly lower on the mountains. Thick fog forms on the heights in the evening, especially in the northern regions, where visibility is completely absent. We warn of the danger of fires in forested areas, especially in the interior, and not to be exposed to the sun for long periods.
Thursday: A few clouds to partly cloudy without an adjustment in temperature, and the temperatures remain high indoors, where it touches 40 degrees, so we warn of the danger of fires and the formation of fog continues on the heights in the evening.
Friday: Partly cloudy to cloudy and the effect of the hot air masses beginning to recede from the interior, as temperatures drop on the mountains and the interior and remain unchanged on the coast, and winds are sometimes active. And fog continues to appear on the heights.
Saturday: A few clouds in general without an adjustment in temperature, and fog will form on the heights starting in the afternoon.

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Temperatures on the coast range from 26 to 31 degrees, on the mountains from 21 to 29 degrees, and in the Bekaa from 16 to 40 degrees.

Surface wind: southwesterly to northwesterly during the day, northeasterly at night, speed between 10 and 25 km/hr.

Visibility: Good to medium on the coast, sometimes worse at heights due to fog.
Relative humidity on the coast: between 55 and 75%.
Sea state: low waves.
Water surface temperature: 30°C.
Atmospheric pressure: 758 mm Hg
Sunrise hour: 6,02
Sunset hour: 19,21

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