NBA: Boston Celtics win Game 5 against Miami Heat – amazing dunk in the video – basketball

The Celtics won game five of the playoff semifinals at the Miami Heat on Wednesday (local time) 93:80 (37:42) and can make their first finals since 2010 perfect on Friday at home. Boston now leads the Eastern Conference championship series by 3-2 wins and just needs one more win to advance.

After a mostly balanced first half, the guests started a run in the second half. They turned a 59:58 into a 83:60 and made the decision.

Boston Celtics win against Miami, Theis is not allowed to play in game 5

The Heat again showed an enormous throwing weakness, because only 32 percent of all throws found their target. The rate for the three-point throws was even weaker at 16 percent.

For the Celtics, the two stars Jaylen Brown with 25 points and Jason Tatum with 22 points were the top scorers. The German NBA professional Daniel Theis, on the other hand, didn’t play a second.

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In the Western Conference finals, the Golden State Warriors lead 3-1 against the Dallas Mavericks.

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