NBA, News – Shaquille O’Neal would buy Orlando Magic

Former Orlando Magic players Shaquille O’Neal and Dennis Scott are interested in buying their former team.

In his podcast The Big Podcast with Shaq the ex-superstar and his former teammate Dennis Scott chatted about the idea of ​​buying their old team should it come to market. “We’re still running this franchise and if the DeVos family wanted to sell to us, we’d be ready to go right now,” Shaq said.

When asked by Scott, O’Neal also confirmed that he was liquid enough. “Dennis, we have the money. You don’t have to worry about making the money,” said the 2.16 meter man. “This message goes to the DeVos family: when you’re ready to sell the Orlando Magic, sell it to someone who will take the team to the next level. That’s us.”

The Florida franchise is currently owned by RDV Sports, a company founded by the late Richard DeVos when he bought the club in 1991 for $85 million. The current chairman of RDV Sports is his son Dan.

Forbes estimated the value of the Magic in the 21/22 season at 1.64 billion euros. That would only put it 24th out of all 30 franchises.

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