NBA Playoffs – Boston Celtics are in the finals: Biggest comeback in over 40 years

The Boston Celtics are back in the Finals after 12 years. After years of disappointment and a poor start to the season, the Celtics are reaching for their 18th ring, but the team couldn’t do without drama in Miami either.

“That was a typical Celtics victory,” head coach Ime Udoka summarized the game and one would like to agree with the rookie coach. As dominant as the Celtics have been in the past few weeks and months, when there was a crunch time, no leadership was safe. Such was the case in Game 7, when Boston either downplayed the clock too much or took unnecessary shots early in the shotclock.

The Celtics remained without a single field goal in the last 4:28 minutes and conceded a 0:11 run, which almost cost them the finals participation they believed to be safe. It went well in the end as Jimmy Butler missed the pullup three for a possible lead with 22 seconds left.

“It was nerve-wracking,” admitted Al Horford after the game. “I knew anything was possible when he stepped up to throw.” It was Horford who at least raised his hand and defended the attempt a little, but in the end everyone agreed that there was also a bit of luck in the 100:96 success.

Boston Celtics: 18-21 becomes a Finals team

The Celtics are back in the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010 – after numerous attempts, peppered with disappointments and four lost conference finals. The focus was primarily on Horford, who finally reached the finals in his 141st playoff game. Like Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, it was the Dominican’s fourth conference finals, and they were contested successfully for the first time. One day before his 36th birthday, Horford will play his first Finals game in 15 years in the NBA.

Before the season, very few would have believed it. Brooklyn, Milwaukee and even Miami – all were rated pre-season higher than the Celtics team, which was dismantled by the Nets last year. Now the record champion beat exactly these three teams and suddenly reaches for the 18th title.

At the beginning of January, the Celtics were still 18-21 and there was a lot of debate in the media as to whether the duo of Jayson Tatum and Brown should not be broken up after all. “It can’t just rain. There has to be good times at some point,” said Tatum after entering the finals, stating that the defeat at the New York Knicks in early January, when the Celtics lost a 25-point lead and RJ Barrett hitting the game winner over Tatum was one of the toughest moments of his career.

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