Netflix drops free trial offer

If you plan to test Netflix you will now have to go to the checkout. Like all other streaming platforms, Netflix offered a 30-day trial period to gain free access to its catalog. It is now ancient history.

To seduce, the platform changes strategy and offers an overview of its catalog instead. Example with film To all the boys I loved, a romantic comedy and a house production. To watch it, no need to enter an email address, it is available free and for everyone. However, to see what happens next, To all the boys: P.S. I still love you, recently put online, you will need to register.

This bait strategy has already been tested in the UK, with the series The Crown, as well as with several regional content in India, Mexico and Colombia. In France, Netflix had offered, for 48 hours, the animated film by Sergio Pablos, Klaus.

However, Netflix does not entirely break with the idea of ​​the 30-day trial. The platform offers to use the multi-media version for 30 days at the price of the formula for 1 screen.

For the moment, no official announcement has been made to explain this change in strategy. It can be a simple test, as was the case for price increases last year. With the appearance of new players in the streaming market, Netflix may be well advised to bet on its original content to differentiate itself.


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