Neuchâtel – Filmed with a 20-year-old girl, a Muslim guide is the victim of sextortion


The director of an Islamic place in Neuchâtel was blackmailed after an adulterous relationship filmed without his knowledge. He went to court.

Victim of two blackmailers, a Muslim notable filmed in the midst of sexual intercourse, took legal action.


For the Neuchâtel Muslim community, he served as a model of piety and religious fervor. So it’s bound to be messy when this married man commits what is considered one of the most serious sins in Islam: adultery. The director of the Muslim place of worship cannot deny: his sexual relationship with a 20-year-old woman was filmed. The facts were orchestrated by two individuals in cahoots with the young woman. Trapped, the notable was then blackmailed.

victim of sextortion

After agreeing to make a first payment of 4,300 francs, the religious guide realized that he was dealing with decidedly insatiable blackmailers. Now they are asking him for 20,000 francs by threatening to broadcast the sulphurous images that would harm his reputation. Stuck, the notable ends up notifying the police. The young woman used to frame the plaintiff has disappeared. Perhaps a one-way flight to a distant destination.

Absent from the hearing

Only one of the two alleged blackmailers appeared in court. He denies. According to arcinfo, he explained his many telephone exchanges with his sidekick by bonds of friendship. His lawyer evokes “a file absolutely empty of any evidence”. Like the complainant, the second defendant was absent from the hearing. The public prosecutor requested 10 months in prison with a two-year suspended sentence and a fine of 1000 francs for the two accused, reveals arcinfo. The verdict will be given later.


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