New AEW Trios Champions Decided During Dynamite Live; Another big event happened on the show

Best friends do not pull on champions, because. Chuck Taylor has not been in an acceptable shape at all throughout his career in AEDub, Trent, who returned from a serious injury, even solo matches are much more interesting and in general he is on a different level than his partner. Orange also needs to look at solo titles, he would be a much better champion now than Wordlaw, who slowly turned sour and became dull. You can’t create Goldberg a second time, you need to develop in the ring, and not be a one-shot pony.

The Lucha Brothers are now rather weak in status, but after the Bucks they are the best for these titles in terms of what they can show in the ring. Although I’m not a fan of their team with Pak and I think that he would be better off in the House of Black, while Malachi himself is not.

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