New Covid-19 Variant “EG5” Spreads to 52 Countries with Mild Symptoms, says Dr. Zaki Munawar

2023-08-18 16:01:59

Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Zaki Munawar, director of vector-borne disease laboratories at the Public Health Authority, revealed during his interview with Al-Ikhbariya TV that what is being circulated about the new mutant “EG5” is true, and that it has already spread in several countries, but it is not dangerous and is not accompanied by strong symptoms.

During his intervention, he indicated that the new Corona mutant, “EG5”, had spread widely in 51 countries, and after Kuwait announced its discovery, the number became 52 countries, explaining that its symptoms are mild and ineffective.

And he continued that the symptoms in some cases do not exceed sneezing, thanks to the two faxes that many people received. So the injuries are simple.

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