New hairstyle! He shows himself without his curls for TV show

In the caption, Alexander Klaws explains the background to this unusual elevator. The two stood together for Gottschalk’s show “Gottschalk holt’s nach” in front of the camera, which will be broadcast on ARD on December 21. Klaws explains: “Yesterday for his new show with him, riding as my white brother through the Westerwald and then chatting about God and the world, was a great honor and a childhood dream for me at the same time.”

But why the western presentation? In the Gottschalk show, the moderator welcomes prominent and non-prominent people who have interesting and emotional stories to tell about their personal failures and cancellations in 2020 due to Corona. One of his guests: Alexander Klaws, who will speak about the cancellation of the “Karl May Festival” in Bad Segeberg in the open-air theater on Kalkberg.

So don’t worry, Gottschalk will stay true to his blond curls.


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