New Law in Saudi Arabia Ensures Rights for Domestic Workers and Employers

2023-07-30 16:02:14

Sunday Jul 30, 2023

Manama> The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has drafted a new law to protect the rights of domestic workers and employers in Saudi Arabia. An employer who mistreats domestic workers will be fined up to 2,000 riyals and banned from recruitment for one year. The new provision clarifies that the employer shall not engage domestic workers to perform work beyond the agreed upon work, unless the employer requires the workers to perform work beyond the agreed upon work, except at times of need. The worker should be paid monthly wages in cash. This should be done by check or direct transfer to their bank account. Rest should not be less than 9 hours daily. The new law, which will come into effect soon, provides for fines for domestic workers who disclose their employer’s private information. If the violation is repeated, the worker will be deported at his own expense. If the domestic worker is unable to pay the fine or afford the trip home, the government will deport them at expense. For this, the Ministry will introduce a special system. The fine collected from the domestic workers will be transferred to the bank account for settlement and deportation. Domestic workers must perform contractually agreed tasks to avoid fines and deportation. Respect the employer’s property and do not harm family members. Any information about the employer and the family must be kept confidential. Employers who violate the new provision will face a fine of not more than 2,000 riyals or a one-year recruitment ban or both. If the violation is repeated, the fine will increase from 2,000 Rials to 5,000 Rials. Also recruitment will be banned for up to three years. Repetition will result in permanent recruitment ban. Read on

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