New Measures for French Agriculture Unveiled by Gabriel Attal: Reactions and Local Demands

2024-02-02 09:04:19

While the mobilization of the agricultural world has intensified in the last two weeks, Gabriel Attal and other ministers unveiled new measures on Thursday February 1, 2024 to try to respond to the demands of farmers and breeders. In Reunion, stakeholders in the agricultural world are calling for “real variations” of measures at the local level.

Annaëlle Dorressamy / Pascal Souprayen / Henri-Claude Elma / Michelle Bertil • Published February 2, 2024 at 1:04 p.m., updated February 2, 2024 at 1:08 p.m.

Farmers have expressed their anger over the past two weeks. Two days after the announcements made for French agriculture during its general policy declarationGabriel Attal presented, on Thursday February 1, 2024, new measures to respond to the demands of mobilized farmers across the four corners of France.

The Ministers of Economy, Agriculture and Ecological Transition, Bruno Le Maire, Marc Fesneau and Christophe Béchu, also detailed these announcements, the total cost of which is estimated at 400 million euros.

Among the flagship measures announced, a budget of 150 million euros for breeders, a “massive control phase” in supermarkets and manufacturers, the pausing of the Ecophyto pesticide reduction plan, measures against unfair competition and installation aid. The goal is also to enforce the equalim law, which guarantees a better price for farmers.

For the moment, no date has been set for the application of the new measures. Following the appeal of the FNSEA and Young Farmers unions, their movement is suspended. On our island, Paï farmers also marked the occasion by demonstrating, notably with snail operations.

Listen to the reactions of Guillaume Sellier and Frédéric Maillot on Réunion La 1ère:

Reactions to Attal’s announcements for farmers: interviews with Guillaume Sellier, president of Young Farmers and Frédéric Maillot, MP

There has been progress, since during the first announcement, we were not talking about installation aid at all. So that was a strong criticism. There are measures to facilitate this installation, this generation renewal is important for us as a young farmers’ union. There have been other slightly more in-depth measures on income, on the equality law, on the strengthening of controls. Now, we need real variations at the local level. We need real local measures.

Guillaume Sellier, President of the Young Farmers union 974

For Frédéric Maillot, deputy for the 6th constituency, France must not be the only country to respect the constraints imposed, all European countries must “play the game”, he comments.

We are part of a European system. We coz ecophyto, but if we constrain it, all European countries must constrain it and play the game. France known for being an agricultural country still 30-40 years ago, today Today it is the Netherlands, which is smaller, which has greater agricultural profitability. So the right choices were not made.

Frédéric Maillot, Member of Parliament for Réunion

For Yvette Duchemann, spokesperson for the Oasis association and vice-president of Bio Consommateurs: “There have certainly been measures, but we must continue the fight. The consumer must realize this, just as the farmer is murdered. Using these pesticide products is a shortcut to our life.”

Listen to the interview with Yvette Duchemann on Réunion La 1ère:

Reactions to Attal’s announcements for farmers: interview with Yvette Duchemann, spokesperson for the OASIS Association, vice-president of Bio Consommateurs

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