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New medical schools: link with hospitals

Joan Subirats, Minister of Universities.

Among the ‘duties’ he has inherited Joan Subirats of his predecessor in office, Manuel Castells, is to give impetus to the future regulations for the creation of medical schools, a task that the new Minister of Universities assumes will not be easy. Mainly, it stands out, because these centers require a “Link with hospitals” and of a “compatibility regime” that “has yet to be established.”

“It will not be easy”, has granted Subirats to Medical Writing during an informative meeting in which he referred to Universities Law promoted by Castells, which establishes stricter criteria so that the faculties can continue to offer the medical degree. In fact, only six Spanish centers would comply with this regulation.

“A Faculty of Medicine It has a script that says ‘hospital’. It is not like a Faculty of Law or History, it forces a link to exist with the hospital, and we are working on this, there are specific requests, “he explained.

Along the same lines, Subirats has highlighted the intention of his department to approve before the end of the first half of 2023 the new law, which it intends to give its “own” personality.

In this regard, he has asked “the actors present” in the negotiation for some time margin to “calibrate and assess” the content of a standard to which he wants to “contribute”. “I want to make it a little mine ”, has stood out.

Homologation of degrees in Medicine

Regarding the need to speed up the homologation of titles to be able to practice Medicine in Spain, something that various autonomies urgently need to reinforce the health workforce in the face of the sixth wave of covid, the minister has assumed that there is “A bottleneck” that comes “from previous years.” “We are trying to overcome it, but we cannot yet establish specific dates. We have to complete thousands of cases and catch up ”, he explained.

Universities have specified that only last year more than 15,000 approvals of titles, of which 40 percent corresponded to doctors.

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