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A restaurant in Inner Mongolia bursts with 20 confirmed cases, covering five provinces

[Epoch Times October 21, 2021](Interviews with Epoch Times reporters Luo Ya and Li Shanshan) After the “Eleventh” holiday in China, a new waveepidemicAt least 8 provinces were affected, and many media claimed that the cause was diagnosed in Xi’an a few days agoShanghaiThe spread of self-driving elderly tour groups spread.The Epoch Times reporter took stock and found that the relatedInner MongoliaFor the epidemic, the official delayed notification of the epidemic for 3 days. At present, Ejina Banner has closed the city.

On the 19th,Inner MongoliaOfficially notified that 5 employees of a local restaurant were diagnosed, which was diagnosed in Xi’an on the 16thShanghaiA close contact of a retired couple in an elderly tour group, but the restaurant closed as early as the 16th.This restaurant involved 20 people including employees and customers who were diagnosed. In Shanghai, a retired couple with a confirmed diagnosis has not been found.epidemicIn the case of the source, the restaurant becomes a key point.

Inner Mongolia announced on the 19th that 7 people were diagnosed and 5 people were from the sameRestaurant

According to the Inner Mongolia Health Commission’s report on the 19th, from 7:00 on October 18 to 10:00 on October 19, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region addedConfirmed cases7 cases (5 cases in Ejina Banner of Alxa League, 2 cases in Erenhot City).

According to the notification, 5 cases in Ejina BannerConfirmed casesThey are employees of the Tongnan Pavilion restaurant. They are the close contacts of the confirmed cases Jiang and Yan in Shaanxi.

Inner Mongolia officials reported on the 19th that 7 people were diagnosed there, 5 of whom were from the same restaurant. (Internet screenshot)

The notification also stated that a group of 8 people, including Yan and Jiang, from the Shanghai Senior Citizen Group, traveled in Ejina Banner from 15:00 on October 11 to 9:00 on October 14. The itinerary involved 3 scenic spots, 1 homestay, 4 restaurants and 1 nucleic acid sampling point. They have eaten at Tongnan Pavilion three times.

Yan and Jiang are a couple of retired teachers in Shanghai. They organized a group tour with classmates and friends. Among them, 7 departed from Shanghai on the 11th and 1 departed from Ningxia. The group traveled together in Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shaanxi, etc. land.

On October 16, Xi’an, Shaanxi reported that two tourists from Shanghai had a positive nucleic acid. On the 17th, five other people from the Shanghai Elderly Group were also diagnosed.

Inner Mongolia was exposed and delayed 3 days to announce the epidemic

According to a report by the Beijing News on October 19, the owner of the Tongnan Pavilion restaurant in Inner Mongolia said that there are 11 employees in the restaurant, and 6 people including him are currently hospitalized in isolation. He has been in a hospital bed for 3 days and has no symptoms.

Mainland new media “Orange Persimmon Interactive” reported on the 19th that another nearbyRestaurantThe owner of Tongnan Pavilion told me that Tongnan Pavilion’s home-style restaurant is just across from their store, and it has not been open since October 16. I haven’t heard why. Afterwards, almost all nearby shops were closed. Their own shop began to receive notice on the 17th and temporarily closed.

Compared with reports in the Beijing News and others, Inner Mongolia officially delayed the Alashan League epidemic notification for at least 3 days.

The reporter of the new media “Orange Persimmon Interaction” on the 19th also confirmed that Tongnan Pavilion’s home cooking restaurant has not been open since October 16th. Without saying the reason, almost all nearby stores were closed. (Video screenshot)

The Epoch Times reporter asked the staff of the Inner Mongolia CDC to compare the online media reports, why the local epidemic was delayed for 3 days. The other party said that they should not read the online news, but the official announcement shall prevail. He also emphasized that “it was also during the investigation process that many things were not known at the time, and the corresponding measures were slowly followed up. Don’t pick this matter hard.”

According to the “Urban Express” report, as of 16:00 on October 19, the Tongnan Pavilion Home Cooking Restaurant in Inner Mongolia has associated 20 cases of people who are positive for the new crown virus (CCV), involving 5 different provinces. The 20 positive persons included 5 staff members of the restaurant, 7 persons from Shanghai (diagnosed in Shaanxi), 1 person from Shanghai group (diagnosed in Ningxia), 5 persons from Lanzhou (diagnosed in Gansu), and 1 person from Lanzhou group. People (diagnosed in Hunan), 1 case from Hangzhou (diagnosed in Ningxia).

Since the CCP has consistently covered up the epidemic, official data have been generally questioned.

Where is the source of this wave of epidemics?

Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Ningxia and many other provincial governments have issued notifications saying that their wave of epidemics is related to the cases of retired teachers and couples in Shanghai. Therefore, the Shanghai elderly group’s epidemic chain has spread to 8 provinces.

On the 18th, Shanghai officials announced that seven people from other provinces who had travelled from Shanghai were infected. Their nucleic acid test in Shanghai on October 7 was negative, and the nucleic acid test in Inner Mongolia on October 13 was negative.

Therefore, when they left Shanghai, the nucleic acid test was still negative, and when they arrived in Inner Mongolia on the 13th, the nucleic acid test was still negative.

The retired teacher and wife of the Shanghai Tourism Group had an abnormal nucleic acid test in Gansu on the 14th, and a positive nucleic acid test in Xi’an on the 16th. The remaining 5 people had a positive nucleic acid test in Xi’an on the 17th. As of 10 am on the 18th, a total of 308 relevant personnel in Shanghai have been screened, and the nucleic acid test results are all negative.

Regarding the public questioning whether the Inner Mongolia official delayed the announcement of the epidemic information, whether to throw the pot to the old couple who came to the Shanghai delegation to eat, the staff of the Inner Mongolia Center for Disease Control said in response to the reporter’s telephone consultation, “This matter is still under investigation and is still in the process of adjustment. In, there is no qualitative.”

Mr. Zhang, a merchant in Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia, told The Epoch Times on the 20th that the local area did not rule out that the Tongnan Pavilion Home Cooking Restaurant might be the source of the epidemic.

Mr. Zhang said, “Our Tongnan Pavilion restaurant in Ejina Banner is from the northeast (people-owned), and the waiter is from the northeast of us. He came from Harbin. Isn’t there an epidemic in Harbin before? I suspect it was brought from there. After coming, the Shanghainese ate and infected the Shanghainese.”

“(The source of the epidemic) Either the Northeast waiter, or the old couple in Shanghai, but the detailed information has to wait until we find out the details.” He said that there is a lot of Internet information now, and the locals don’t dare to talk nonsense.

The reporter called many restaurants and restaurants in Ejina Banner on the 20th and learned that Ejina Banner has closed the city and the community, all shops have been closed, and a large number of tourists are trapped in the restaurant. “The group is still shouting, tourists can’t eat , Can’t buy medicine!”

The staff of the Shanghai Epidemic Service Center also responded to the reporter’s telephone consultation and said that because this was notified from outside the country, the local (Inner Mongolia) epidemic prevention and control department should be asked. He also believes that “they are very likely to contract the epidemic during their travels, and they may not necessarily go out after the infection in Shanghai.” He also emphasized that “Shanghai currently has not issued corresponding prevention and control requirements in this regard in the city.”

As of 19:00 on October 20, the new round of epidemics has affected 8 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Ningxia, Gansu, Beijing, Guizhou, and Yunnan. There are 6 medium-risk areas in Gansu and Inner Mongolia. land.

The National Health Commission of the Mainland has sent four working groups to Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shaanxi, and Ningxia to guide the prevention and control of the epidemic on the spot. People also publicly questioned on mainland social media that if this wave of epidemic was really brought about by the Shanghai delegation, why did the central investigation team not go to Shanghai, but to four other places.

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