Technology New WhatsApp functions: "Expiring Messages" explained

New WhatsApp functions: “Expiring Messages” explained


California. The messenger service Whatsapp is testing a new function that automatically deletes messages after a specified time. Messages can be automatically deleted after an hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year using the contact information or the group settings.

The Whatsapp blog “Wabetainfo” provides information about this. These changes can already be tested in the latest beta test version for Android systems. Beta users have already diligently posted pictures on social networks.

Expiring messages on Whatsapp are displayed with a clock icon next to the profile picture

Whatsapp had already tested this function in March. It was initially titled “Disappearing Messages”, later disappearing messages, later “Delete Messages”. In the meantime, Whatsapp has initially defined the name “Expiring Messages”.

These time-limited messages are displayed with a small clock symbol next to the profile or group picture. On the clock, users can roughly see how long the messages are still visible. In the open chat, the symbol can also be seen next to the profile picture. For the time being, only the administrators in groups can have their messages automatically deleted, reports “Wabetainfo”.

Beta version: Whatsapp login possible on multiple devices

In the latest beta version, users can also log in with their account on multiple devices. When a user does this, their chat partners are shown that they have logged in on a new device. Because messages on Whatsapp are encrypted with a code that changes when you log on to a new device. When the function will be available to all users is currently unclear.

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