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New York Knicks preview video!

by archyde

30 Previews… in 30 Days! Like every year, the craziest series of YouTube Game NBA arrives to make you wait before the resumption and, above all, to make you unbeatable until the first rebounds of the coming season. One month, 30 franchises, 30 days, 30 previews, between 45 minutes and 1 hour of analysis if all goes well, and a comments section that has to explode to set the community on fire. Today ? We’re heading to New York to dissect the Knicks!

The TrashTalk YouTube channel is here!

Another preview filled with good humor, because when we talk about the Knicks we always have a smile. A little because we say to ourselves that this year may be the right oneand a lot because we know that finally nothing will change in New York and that the soft belly awaits them with open arms. At the dawn of the 2022-23 season? Jalen Brunson has arrived to play the leaders, Julius Randle has things to be forgiven, Evan Fournier still represents the Frenchie guarantee in NYC and RJ Barrett must seize the franchise player costume. Add to that a few young middle-cracks (Robinson, Toppin, Quickley, Grimes, Sims) and an audience that will no doubt scream for a ring at the first fall victory, and as always we get a team that will make us click every night or almost despite the string of defeats. So we settle down and talk New York City!

So much for this official teaser for the 2022-23 New York Knicks season. For the rest you know the way, so we settle down, we eat, and we enjoy!

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