News 24 | 8 positive habits that prevent you from developing dementia

Many think that advancing age is the main cause of dementia, but it is only a factor among several other influencing factors, and according to studies, only 5 to 7% over the age of 60 suffer from some form of dementia, while the system of life and daily habits play a major role. in dementia, and in this report we review simple habits that can protect you from developing it.

Social visits

Social interactions with and encounters with friends and family are associated with a 15% lower risk of dementia.

Maintain your mental health

Although the relationship is not yet well understood, late depression may indicate the development of dementia.

Quit smoking.

Some studies have shown that smoking in middle age and beyond can increase the risk of dementia and vascular disease.

8 positive habits that prevent you from developing dementia

Doing physical activity

Frequent physical activity, according to several medical studies, is linked to a 35% lower risk of dementia.

Home Business

Studies also show that doing daily household chores is associated with a 21% lower risk of dementia.

Healthy diet and healthy weight

Eating a healthy, balanced diet daily, avoiding ready-made meals and saturated fats, and maintaining a healthy weight are among the habits that prevent dementia.

8 positive habits that prevent you from developing dementia

healthy vital signs

Maintaining blood pressure at a healthy level, controlling cholesterol levels, and reducing blood sugar are among the factors that prevent a person from developing dementia.

Get enough vitamins

Some research suggests that people with low blood levels of vitamin D are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. You can get vitamin D by eating certain foods, supplements, and exposure to sunlight.

Finally, you must regulate your sleep, stay away from polluted places, and solve hearing problems, as these problems may negatively affect your dementia.

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