News 24 | A government committee proceeds to limit the damages of citizens and residents affected by the Jeddah floods

The Damage Inventory Committee, consisting of several government agencies, has begun to assess the damages of citizens and residents affected by the torrential rains that hit Jeddah Governorate at the end of last week.

A number of those affected by the floods in Jeddah told “News 24The damage assessment committee was present among them in the Al-Ajaweed neighborhood for two days, and completed the damage assessment procedures after submitting the required documents.

spotted lens”News 24Specialized government teams removed the damage resulting from the torrents, lifted the damaged cars, and opened the roads in the Al-Ajaweed neighborhood in Jeddah.

The Jeddah Municipality had confirmed earlier that those affected by the rains and torrential rains that the governorate witnessed last Thursday will be compensated with the same compensation mechanism in 2009.

The Secretariat called on those affected to apply to the Crisis and Disaster Center, represented in all government agencies, to limit damages and damages, and to take regular measures to pay compensation.

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