News from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Co .: “The Oprah Conversation: Barack Obama”

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Co.
Oprah and Obama: Then Apple TV + users in Germany can access the conversation

Apple TV + broadcasts “The Oprah Conversation: Barack Obama”

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What’s new with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV + and Co.? You won’t miss a series in the streaming ticker. Current: “The Oprah Conversation: Barack Obama”.

The streaming news of the week in the ticker:

16. November 2020: Talk icon meets politicians. In the course of the promotional tour for his new biography “A Promised Land”, Barack Obama spoke to Oprah Winfrey not only about the book, but also about a few other topics. Among them: What he expects from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, about how the time in the White House changed his marriage and also about the toughest days and weeks of his presidency after the school attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. In Germany, Apple can TV + viewers will access the conversation on November 26th.

Every day dozens of new series start on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV + – or well-known and loved ones disappear from the range. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of things. In the streaming ticker you can now get all the latest news from the streaming services bundled – so that you are always up to date. So you won’t miss any more series hype.


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