News of the killing of the Ukrainian accused of assassinating Daria, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, and Austria refrain from confirming | News

An Austrian newspaper reported that Natalia Vovk – the Ukrainian whom Moscow accuses of killing Daria, the daughter of Russian thinker Alexander Dugin – was killed in Austria, but the Austrian Ministry of the Interior declined to confirm the news.

“It is not possible to confirm what was stated in the report, or confirm the authenticity of this information,” the Russian Sputnik news agency quoted the Austrian Ministry of the Interior as saying on Sunday.

The Austrian newspaper “Express” had published a report stating that Ukrainian Natalia Vovk, 43, was found murdered in a rented apartment, after she was stabbed 17 times in the body.

The newspaper added that the unknown killer left a piece of paper in the victim’s hand, and also published a blurred picture of a woman’s body.

A week ago, the Russian Federal Security Agency published a video clip of Ukrainian Natalia Vovk, who was accused in the case of the murder of journalist Daria Dugin.

The Russian service stated that the accused arrived in Russia with her daughter on July 23, in a car bearing the numbers of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic, and then immediately left for Estonia in a car with Ukrainian numbers.

The Russian State Security Service indicated that the perpetrator of the assassination was renting with her daughter an apartment in the suburbs of Moscow, in the same apartment building in which Darya lived, with the aim of collecting information about her.

Daria was killed after leaving a popular event near Moscow on the 20th of this month, and one of the organizers of this event said that her father was supposed to be in the car that exploded.

Daria Dugin worked as a press secretary for her father, a nationalist and one of the most prominent theorists of the Kremlin ideology who predicted the end of the era of Western liberalism, and is called in the media the title of the brain of President Vladimir Putin.

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