News update for March 28 morning:

The resolution proposed by Russia for the investigation of Nord Stream explosions was not adopted by the UN Security Council. Only China, Brazil, and Russia supported it, while the rest abstained from voting.

On the portal, there are now several well-known contenders including the Moscow Exchange, Yandex, and Vladimir Potanin.

In Ingushetia, a traffic police post was fired at resulting in injury to one policeman. Explosions were also reported in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Donetsk, leading to an air alert being announced in half of Ukraine’s regions.

State Duma deputies from United Russia have requested preferential mortgages for employees of the military-industrial complex from the Ministry of Finance as opposed to officials.

North Korea has confirmed testing of a ballistic missile and an underwater nuclear drone between March 25 and March 27. They claim the missile was a simulated nuclear explosion.

There has recently been an increase in the number of complaints regarding the unintentional re-opening of individual investment accounts, resulting in a risk of losing tax preferences.

Kommersant has announced major events set to occur on March 28.

The UN Security Council did not adopt Russia’s resolution on the investigation of explosions at Nord Stream. It was supported only by the Russian Federation itself, China and Brazil. The rest abstained from voting.

Several large and well-known contenders appeared on the portal. In particular, Kommersant’s sources mention the Moscow Exchange, Yandex, and Vladimir Potanin. More

In Ingushetia fired at a traffic police post. The policeman was hurt.

Explosions occurred in Kyiv, Dnipro and Donetsk. At night, an air alert was announced in half of the regions of Ukraine.

State Duma deputies from United Russia sent a proposal to the Ministry of Finance to provide preferential mortgages to employees of the military-industrial complex. They want the initiative to replace the discussed similar measure for officials.

North Korea confirms ballistic missile launch into the Sea of ​​Japan on March 27. Pyongyang explained this by simulating a nuclear explosion. In addition, the DPRK again tested an underwater nuclear drone from March 25 to 27. About the situation in the region

Increasing number of complaints about unintentional re-opening of individual investment accounts. We are talking about the automatic opening of IIS together with a brokerage account or the “doubling” of IIS during an inter-broker transfer. Given that you can have only one such account, there is a risk of losing tax preferences. About the problem

About the upcoming March 28 major events – in the announcements of Kommersant.

That’s it for today’s news update. From failed resolutions at the UN Security Council to missile launches in North Korea, and concerns over unintentional re-opening of investment accounts, we brought you a diverse range of stories from around the world. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s updates on the latest happenings.

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