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Neymar explodes before the critics

Neymar JR continues to recover from his injury. While he’s off the pitch, he has to deal with a lot of criticism, among them those who slide that he is not a good professional to enjoy with his family and his loved ones the time of rest. The footballer, tired of being questioned about everything he does, uploaded an image to his Instagram account with an oxygen mask inside a hiberbaric chamber, which serves to facilitate muscle recovery and improve physical performance.

In addition to the image, Neymar wrote the following ironic comment: “Session 2 today. How good it is not to be professional and not take care of yourself, right? To be well at night, you have to take care of yourself before“To this he adds some laughing emoticons, as a sign of their fatigue around the criticism they have to deal with on a daily basis.

According to UOL, the Brazilian uses this machine twice a day for an hour to treat his injury. In addition, of course, he performs physical exercises and, like any person, takes advantage of his free time to devote himself to leisure. However, the attacker went to a New Year’s Eve party with crutches and his foot completely bandaged, something not too sure, although it is unknown in what conditions he was in such celebration.

Fabio Sormani, a commentator in Brazil, pointed out the following: “Neymar does not take his career seriously. He does not have the attitude of the Hulk, for example, who trains on vacation. Don’t you see Neymar in the gym, or with a nutritionist? He is on vacation. Neymar will not win a Ballon d’Or and Vinicius, yes “. One more criticism of the hundreds that the PSG star receives. That has made him explode and have to post on his social networks how he recovers from his physical problems on a daily basis.

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