NFL Preseason Week 2 Preview: Are Seattle’s Youngsters Shining Again?

Week 2 of the preseason is here: Can Seattle’s youngsters build on a good start? Which quarterbacks break away in the internal duels? Is the Romeo Doubs show going on, and how are the Browns handling their quarterback situation?

NFL: Preseason Week 2 Previews

Seattle Seahawks (0-1) – Chicago Bears (1-0) (Fr., 2 Uhr)

  • The Seahawks are all about the quarterback duel. Geno Smith opened the game at the start, Drew Lock then took over – both had ups and downs in their game. Lock should have started this time, but has fallen ill with Corona and is out. A bitter setback in an open duel. Instead in focus: The young offensive line, which made a good first impression. That was against the Steelers backups, do the Bears offer a bigger challenge? Can rookie receivers Bo Melton and Dareke Young gain ground? And can rookie pass rusher Boye Mafe repeat his strong debut? Seattle has a lot of young players, the first impression was quite positive.
  • Mafe is also the transition to the Bears, because Chicago offered the starters against the Chiefs – but it also revealed its potentially biggest construction site: the offensive line. Here, the Bears swam against Kansas City’s first and second guard. If that happens again against Seattle, the worry lines in the Windy City won’t exactly diminish. Pros: Trestan Ebner made a good impression, can the sixth-round rookie further cement the third running back spot?

New England Patriots (0-1) – Carolina Panthers (1-0) (Sa., 1 Uhr)

  • The Patriots are the team that may have more observers on the sidelines than on the field at this point: Who’s calling on offense? And how does that affect the overall situation? The Patriots have joint training sessions with the Panthers in the run-up to the game, so it can be assumed that Mac Jones will not play in week 2 of the preseason either. In that case, Bailey Zappe could continue to show himself, the focus is also on the playmakers. Rookie receiver Tyquan Thornton had a good first game, although the stat line doesn’t necessarily reflect that. Any additional momentum will benefit this offense.
  • With the Panthers, the quarterback duel is at least still communicated to the outside as open and there are reports that the decision should be made after this game. But there’s also little reason to believe that Baker Mayfield Not the starter is, the joint units as well as the game against the Patriots could confirm that for the time being. Rookie tackle Ikem Ekwonu had his wobbles in Week 1 as he needs to rack up more snaps and adjust to the NFL.

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