Nice place to go!! Tokyo Game Show 2022 includes photos of the atmosphere inside the event. with direct sales of game companies

Saturday, September 17, 2022, 3 o’clock 16 minutes 13 seconds, Indochina time

Even though it’s almost the last day for the event TGS 2022 or Tokyo Game Show 2022 Which is one of the games that are quite big, not losing a big event like E3 It will be an event that will give gamers an opportunity to participate in the trials. And there are also important announcements about Update of many different games

Today we will be presenting about the booths of various game companies that are attending the event and each company has a different interesting booth display. STEAM DECK of Valve that has brought the machine into the showcase, plus it has been brought Joystick and Joy Arcade Let’s show that they can be used together as well. Which was shocking. But on the other hand, it felt a little strange.

Or will it be a full-fledged direct sales job from the Cow Tecmo that just launched a new game like Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key Went a few days ago And for quality direct sales work, the team decided to lead Model size 1:1 of the main character I traveled Stout both 3 Region, let’s set up a show.

Another interesting thing is the fan page. Otaku consumes mama has come out to reveal Tweet of CEO Yostar just announced Collaboration during the game Azur Lane and Atelier Ryza 2 Go dat has revealed that.

Coast Guard Cow Tecmo he said Official We’re lucky.

Makes the person decide to take a photo of this angle for you. But although actually the most stressful part of the main character, I traveled Stout It will not use the butt. But let’s just say it’s yuan…

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or will it be the way Square Enix I also play big and set up a booth to Promote fully And the games that they picked up will be new games that are planned to be released soon, and there are also points to try out

  • Valkyrie Elysium
  • STAR OCEAN The Divine Force
  • Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII REUNION

including the way ATLUS I also came to join the booth opening as well. And of course, they are also full of lead. Model size 1:1 The characters from the game Persona Let the fans come to take pictures together. There are also spots to try out. Person 5 Royal with plans to go down Steam official in the month October this

Of course the way Tower of Fantasy I myself decided to jump in and join the booth this time as well. Although the booth wasn’t as majestic as the other giant camps But it is considered another interesting booth. And it’s really nice to join.

for the job TGS 2022 will continue to be held until Sunday 18 September For any friends in Japan And interested in seeing the atmosphere can travel together. and from looking at the rough table inside Saturday 17 September there will be Streaming from HoYoverse Which is thought to be a new game like Zenless Zone Zero including a new card game system that is about to enter the world of Genshin Impact It is also possible

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Finally, here’s a cool story from you. Katsuhiro Harada which is Producer of the famous fighting game Tekken have come out Moment The best spin that the person referred to in the event TGS 2022 This incident occurred due to the fact that he stood to try out the company’s new fighting game. Unique in game Omen of Sorrow and was asked by the staff whether

I don’t know if I’ve had any experience playing fighting games before.

Of course you Harada It would be quite dizzy with this question quite a bit. So he replied in the middle:

There are a few.

That’s right, he doesn’t have much experience with playing. Because normally referred to as not a player. But how did you create a fighting game!!

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