Nicolás Díaz was the fastest in the shakedown of the Reconquista Rally

2023-09-15 21:53:03

The Buenos Aires driver Nicolás Díaz (from Skoda Fabia and who will be sailed on this occasion by Marcelo Brizio from Cordoba within the RC2 Class) established the best record among the Shakedown participants. Everything took place in Reconquista, Santa Fe, with a view to the second edition of the Jaaukanigás Rally (water people, in the Aboriginal language).

The 3.99 kilometer section that linked the airport with La Lola was covered by Díaz in 1m59s, beating Federico Villagra (Hyundai) from Córdoba and Alejandro Cancio (Skoda) from Cordoba by 5/10.

Likewise, in the RC Maxi Rally division, the best time was for Luis Arceluz (Renault Clio) from Pampa with 2m04s5/10, who beat Victorio Ballay and Juan Galduroz, by 2s1/10 and ahead of Santiago Ruiz at 2s7/10 .

In the remaining categories the best times were the following:

RC3 Junior. Lucas Machado dominated, with a net of 2n19s, beating Ricardo Daparte from Cordoba, by 2s6/10, which he shared with Ezequiel Bandi.

RC4. Luigi Contin prevailed with 2m15s1/10, ahead of Martin Maisonnave at 2/10 and was third, Franco Devoto two seconds behind.

RC5. The best record was for Fernando Daparte from Córdoba, with 2m31s6/10, beating José Franco by 3/10 and Nicolás González, by 4/10.

This Friday, starting at 8:30 p.m., there will be the symbolic ramp game, located in the Municipal Amphitheater of the city of Reconquista.

Saturday’s stage

The first section of the race will include five speed sections, to complete 83.02 kilometers of the planned 206.30 km. The segments to be covered will be: PE 1 and PE 3-Campo Leonhardt-La Lola, 11.88 km, PE 2 and PE 4- Los Ladrilleros-Las Amintas, 25m89 km, PE 5- La Lola, 7.48 km to enter to the service park around 4 p.m.

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